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World Backup Day 2015

What would you do if you lost everything? That’s the question being posed on World Backup Day 2015; a global movement to emphasise the importance of keeping a second copy of all your important files. For our customers, every day … Continue reading

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Keep Business Data Safe – 9 Tips That Could Save You Thousands

New research suggests that cyber-crime costs small businesses around £800 million a year. Not only that, but you have a responsibility to put adequate measures in place – if not, you could face fines of as much as £500,000 for … Continue reading

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Rolling the Dice… are you still gambling with your IT Systems?

This week saw World Backup Day, so are you still gambling with your I.T? When you left for work this morning did you lock up your home? Did you lock up your car in the car park or your cycle … Continue reading

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Protect Your Data: Why Backup Matters [Infographic]

Considering the value that the modern day business places upon computer data, you may find it surprising to learn just how many organisations fail to see the importance of backing-up their systems. Incredibly, it has been found that 53 per … Continue reading

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What should you consider when choosing a Data Backup system?

Backup solutions can vary enormously and it is important to be aware of the consequences of choosing one solution over another. While many services provide excellent protection, some cover just data while others cover entire systems. Some enable faster recovery … Continue reading

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7 Data Backup Statistics Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Most businesses understand how vital it is to protect the data on their computer systems. Yet despite this, a recent (2012) survey Trend Micro shows that less than 50% of SME’s routinely back up their data. The causes of data … Continue reading

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How valuable is your data?

I think it’s fair to say that most businesses lock their doors at night to make sure that thieves can’t just walk in and take what they want. Many also have alarm systems and some of these link to CC … Continue reading

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Data Backup – Why don’t we take it seriously?

When you consider that the information on our computers is irreplaceable and often far more valuable than the computers themselves, it’s amazing how many individuals and businesses still don’t take data backup seriously. Despite the importance of information within any … Continue reading

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