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5G: The Questions You Were Too Afraid To Ask

4G may still be a relatively new phenomenon, but already there is talk of 5th generation broadband being a real possibility in as little as five years time. While much of the world has yet to experience the full benefits … Continue reading

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Rolling the Dice… are you still gambling with your IT Systems?

This week saw World Backup Day, so are you still gambling with your I.T? When you left for work this morning did you lock up your home? Did you lock up your car in the car park or your cycle … Continue reading

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Microsoft Calls Time on Windows XP

On 8 April Microsoft will finally cease its support for the struggling operating system Windows XP – a decision that’s bound to be met with a mixed reception around the world. The software, launched in 2001, is still installed on … Continue reading

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Microsoft set to announce Office for iPad?

Shares in Microsoft have soared following rumours that their Office suite will soon be available to use on the iPad. So is there any truth in this latest round of Microsoft-Apple gossip? Well, it seems we won’t have to wait … Continue reading

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10 Defining Moments in the History of the World Wide Web

On 12 March, 1989 Tim Berners-Lee was working at the Swiss physics laboratory Cern when he produced a technical paper which was the blueprint for The World Wide Web (you may have heard of it). The immediate response to this … Continue reading

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The Seven Deadly Sins of IT Support Companies

Does your IT Support ensure your systems are good enough OR do they ensure that they are actually giving you a competitive advantage? If something goes wrong – do you rest assured that you have an IT support partner you … Continue reading

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Five Reasons Why Facebook Will Die Within Five Years

Did you know that Facebook recently celebrated its 10th Birthday? Where would we be without 10 years of “pokes”, “likes”, and status updates that have kept us riveted regarding the goings-on of people we barely even know? Probably a whole … Continue reading

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The 25 Most Common Passwords: Is yours one of them?

A list of the 25 most guessed passwords in 2013 has been released – with “123456” being hacked more than any other. An unoriginal option, maybe, but it’s proven to be the most common and means last year’s most commonly … Continue reading

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WARNING against cryptolocker ransomware computer virus attacks

The PC Support Group has issued a warning to all computer users about a type of computer virus attack which appears to be affecting an increased number of systems in recent weeks. This relatively new type of malware is capable … Continue reading

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The PC Support Group approves of BBC’s coding plans

The PC Support Group’s Managing Director, Philip Bird, has offered his backing to the BBC’s proposal of getting more young people coding. 30 years on from trying to make computing mainstream by installing machines into the majority of schools across … Continue reading

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