How to follow your favourite blogs with ease

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If you’re like me you’ll often discover interesting or useful blogs but you just know that you don’t have time to keep visiting each one in the future to keep track of the latest updates. Even if you can subscribe to an email update (which isn’t always the case) you know that it will only… Read more »

Businesses must plan NOW for Swine Flu!

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We’ve all heard a lot about Swine Flu over the last few months and reactions seem to vary from genuine concern for personal welfare (or that of loved ones) to total complacency believing it won’t have any effect and is being exaggerated. In both cases the focus has been understandably about personal health rather than… Read more »

Using IT to become more efficient

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Perhaps a strange topic for an IT support blog… or is it? There are many ways to become more efficient at work and I’m not going to start giving you lessons in productivity, time management or measurement. My solution is based around a simple solution that was inspired from when I used to visit London… Read more »

What makes a good business partner?

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Any successful business needs good partners to compliment and support the core business. It really doesn’t matter which line of business you’re in as there will always be certain tasks that are best left to the experts including some general business tasks such as accounting, tax, IT, HR or printing etc. In the case of The PC… Read more »