4G speed



Category: 4G, Broadband, Mobile Computing.

4G speed is one of the first big technology stories of 2013 but what is 4G and 4G speed?

And what 4G speed can be expected, when is it coming and most importantly, what will it bring to business?

The first of those questions is quite simple to answer. 4G is the next generation of mobile phone technology; the next step up from 3G. It is based on a technology called Long Term Evolution (LTE) which is far more efficient than 3G allowing more data through the available bandwidth.

There also are no ‘native’ voice components in a 4G network. Previous generations of mobile networks had voice and data components, 4G is built purely for data. Voice services will be delivered over this fast 4G speed data network using ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol’ or VOIP technology.

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