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So the stock markets are in freefall , we’ve stopped spending money, businesses are going to the wall and your home is falling in value every day – That’s what we hear on the news and in the daily tabloids…

BUT Is it really all that bad?

In December 2008, I finally left behind the banking industry following the challenges of 2008 – It was one of those typical bi-annual departmental restructures that every large company goes through. The final result put me in the position of competing against another colleague yet knowing, in my heart, that circumstances were fighting against me. The process was regimental but fair and I was offered the choice of “look for another job within” or take voluntary redundancy.

I took the redundancy option not knowing what was next –heck I had been there for 25 years and really thought I didn’t know anything but the Bank.

That weekend I sat down and scoured the newspapers, the magazines and the web – at this point I had already said I was leaving but didn’t even have a job (with a wife and two kids to feed it was a bit scary !!).

Fortunately I had more than Banking skills; having run a small IT company part time for 12 years and latterly had been Head of E-Commerce at Bank of Scotland.

After carrying out tons of research, the most favourable option was to buy into an IT support franchise and the starting grid produced four candidates. Two fell at the first hurdle when they sent me a few lines of pre-defined text about how I could pay them lots of money and have the right to use the name to sell services in a small area of the country. The other two looked viable so I set off down the formal process of application. The end result was a no-brainer and so that is where I am today.

Was it the right decision?

I have never looked back since the day I left the Bank

I now run a real business that gives me the opportunity to meet lots of interesting people

The world is not all doom and gloom

The PC Support Group have the systems, the support and most of all the people




Category: IT Support.

It just strikes me that at The PC Support Group we speak to businesses and home users daily who come to us with horror stories of their current or previous computer support provider. I don’t suppose that accountants, lawyers, financial advisors, designers and other professionals have anything like the same torrent of tales of woe. Why is this?

I think one of the biggest problems is that the computer support market has undervalued itself. What I mean by this is that thousands of barely qualified (or not qualified at all) people have started offering IT support services at ridiculously low prices. I recently came across someone offering computer support for £15 per hour which, when you consider they will not be paid for the time they travel, market, sell and do their administration, is not far from minimum wage!

Unsurprisingly, low prices attract custom but the service quality is invariably equally low. Low prices means that those IT support businesses can’t afford to employ skilled people, they can’t afford to invest in the best support technology, and they can’t afford to invest in training to keep up to date with technological changes. The result is that computer support businesses, and in particular “one man bands”, have created an undervalued industry with an appalling service record.

The other major problem is that the computer support industry is generally hopeless at communicating to the rest of the world. Apart from this resulting in technicians bamboozling their customers, it has also resulted in customers not understanding the value of great IT support.

For example, a high quality business backup solution which guarantees to restore all the data exactly as it was and make it available within a day might cost a few hundred pounds a month. Many small businesses will simply refuse to pay this sort of money for something that seemingly sits there doing nothing. The irony is that if they had one major problem every 3 years (which is likely) then this would more than pay for itself and could even save the business from closure.

The problem is that most IT support companies struggle to get this argument across effectively and then get the fall out when the business can’t operate – yet again they are seen to provide a poor service.

At The PC Support Group we constantly strive to make sure we offer the best service at the best value for money. We have numerous examples where potential customers choose the “cheap” provider only to find that within 12 months they are back saying “You were right, the service was awful and we’ve had all sorts of problems. When can you come and see us.”

It is time for the IT support industry to be stronger and focus on providing great service at a value for money price instead of being cheap and providing bad service. This approach is ultimately the best thing for our customers and will raise the reputation of the industry as a whole.