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What makes the iPhone such a smart business device is its power.

The iPhone’s security features are market-leading and with a wealth of apps available to power your entire life (it is estimated there are 2.2 million apps worldwide) there is no better device for mobile working.

According to IT PRO, here is a summary of some of the best (free and paid-for) business apps for productivity and collaboration purposes for the iPhone for you to consider.

  1. Bear

This is a powerful writing app for notes, essays, to do lists and coding

  • Genius Scan

Your own portable document scanner that uses the iPhone’s camera to produce copies of documents in PDF format

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader

A file viewer and editor necessary for anyone who regularly works with PDFs

  • Airwatch Agent

This is an app that manages and supports devices across your company.  Great for companies that rely on communication and collaboration between teams.

  • Dropbox

This is a cloud storage app that allows you to store and share files and documents between team members allowing you to work from anywhere

  • CamScanner Pro

This app allows you to get high quality scans from wherever you are which are easily accessible and backed up using just your iPhone

  • Enlight

This is a mobile photo editing suite app which allows you to touch up images.

  • Evernote

This app allows you to sync across all of your devices, so you don’t have to keep switching between them.  It is a great workspace for everything from note-taking, creating checklists and more

  • Inbox by Gmail

This mail app is great for bundling similar messages together and making reminders in separate entries for easy reviewing to minimise the amount of time and attention given to inboxes

  1. Invoice2go

This app allows you to create and send professional invoices using a variety of templates.  It is a comprehensive way to track money owed, paid and received.

  1. iPlanner UK

This is a highly customised app to keep track of meetings and events

  1. ITranslate Voice

This app can help you communicate more efficiently across languages allowing you to translate spoken language into written English for example

How to avoid stolen smartphone



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A new Mobile Phone Theft report compiled by the Home Office has indicated that over 740,000 people were victims of phone theft over the last two years – with Apple handsets more likely to be stolen than any other phone.

In London alone, almost 100,000 mobile phones were reported stolen to the Metropolitan Police during the 12 months of 2013.

The report states that the iPhone 5, 5C, 5S and 4S were most targeted followed by the Blackberry 9790.

Apparently, 37% of mobile phone thefts took place on public transport or in another public place, with under a third taking place in bars, pubs and clubs. Surprisingly, nearly 20% of thefts occurred in places of work.

And as for those more likely to be the victim of mobile phone crime, the report suggests 4.7% of phone theft victims were women aged between 18-21, while 14-24 year olds are the targeted more than any other group – either stolen directly from their person, through pick-pocketing, or when the handset is briefly left unattended.

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Six Things You Can Expect from the iPhone 6



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There are a few things you can be sure of at this time of year.

The nights start to draw in, the weather takes a distinctively autumnal turn and Apple produce their latest iPhone handset.

If rumours are to be believed, Apple’s latest offering – the iPhone 6 – is expected to be just around the corner with a September 9 announcement date mooted.

Despite what seems to be an annual event at the end of every summer, there appears to be no let-up in the frenzy of excitement that surrounds this well rehearsed event and there’s little doubt that the world will be watching as CEO Tim Cook unveils another piece of “must-have” technology.

However, with many questioning the advances in innovation that Apple’s recent iPhone models have made – the pressure is somewhat on Cook to deliver.

The rumour mill has been in overdrive in the lead up to the widely anticipated launch, with many experts predicting a larger, faster, “all singing, all dancing” version of a handset which was first released over seven years ago.

So, as we all wait for the official announcement, here are six things that you should probably expect from the iPhone 6:

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Extend iPhone Battery Life



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Unless you’re still using that faithful old Nokia 3210 you’ve had since the turn of the millennium, you probably find yourself constantly checking the battery life of your iPhone to make sure you’re not stuck on a desolate hillside in the middle of nowhere without being able call for help or (more importantly) left out of social plans, unable to see what your friends are up to or play Candy Crush Saga.

Battery drain for smartphone users isn’t a new phenomenon but since the launch of Apple’s iOS 7.1 mobile operating system iPhone users in particular have complained about dwindling battery life.

But according to former Apple Genius Bar worker Scotty Loveless, it’s not necessarily iOS itself that is causing batteries to drain quickly – but all the Apps that are running on it.

So does this mean we need to change the way we all use our phones and access the Apps we value so dearly or simply change our phones full-stop?

Here are nine tips you can try that might just increase the battery life of your smartphone:

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Work Smarter Not Harder



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We believe that businesses of all sizes can start to work smarter and more productively by embracing the concept of remote working and really harnessing the power of technology.

Many companies have been reticent about using remote working, and it’s not really expensive or difficult to implement. Companies of every size need to evaluate where and how greater connectivity can improve their business

Having access to systems, files and emails whilst away from the office brings a range of business benefits and cost savings – from increased productivity and greater staff motivation to more effective use of time.  So, what can you do?

Enable your staff to work from anywhere…

An amazing 80 per cent of businesses report that employees do not have full access to business systems that would make their work easier and more efficient, including the technology to work away from the office.  The ability to work effectively from almost any location is one of the biggest changes happening in workplaces today and can increase productivity significantly.

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Earlier this year it was reported by the BBC ( that a couple ran up a bill of nearly £2000 because their 5 year old son accidentally made in app purchases on their iPhone.

Most surprisingly was the fact that they had their iTunes account password protected and they thought they were safe. How did this happen and could it happen to you?

What you may have noticed is that once you enter your iTunes account password it remains active for 15 minutes without the need to enter the password again. That means that in this period anyone (including any nearby 5 year olds) can make further purchases without the need for the password.

If you want to avoid this here’s what to do…

On your iPhone or iPad go to the ‘Settings’ app and choose the ‘General’ option. Scroll down and select the ‘Restrictions’ option and then tap on ‘Enable Restrictions’ and enter a 4 digit Passcode.

Scroll iPhone 1down the screen to the option ‘Require Password’ which normally shows a default of 15 Minutes. Select this and change the option to ‘Immediately’ and then go back by selecting the ‘Restrictions’ button at the top left of the screen. The “Require Password” option should now say ‘Immediately’.

Job done!  Now your iPhone or iPad will prompt for the password again the very next time someone tries to download a chargeable app, rather than after a 15 minute free-for-all!




4G speed



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4G speed is one of the first big technology stories of 2013 but what is 4G and 4G speed?

And what 4G speed can be expected, when is it coming and most importantly, what will it bring to business?

The first of those questions is quite simple to answer. 4G is the next generation of mobile phone technology; the next step up from 3G. It is based on a technology called Long Term Evolution (LTE) which is far more efficient than 3G allowing more data through the available bandwidth.

There also are no ‘native’ voice components in a 4G network. Previous generations of mobile networks had voice and data components, 4G is built purely for data. Voice services will be delivered over this fast 4G speed data network using ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol’ or VOIP technology.

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The PC Support Group Managing Director, Phil Bird, shares his 5 technology trend predictions for UK small businesses in 2013.

1. 4G will move up the business agenda

At the end of October 2012 the next generation of mobile telecoms was launched in eleven cities with EE’s 4G network. After the Ofcom 4G auctions at the start of 2013 other operators will start to roll out their networks and the new technology should cover 98% of the country by the end of 2014. 4G will offer true mobile broadband with speeds equal to or greater than fixed line. People will be able to work more ‘on the move’, able to access the internet and their business systems from anywhere. For small businesses this flexibility could be the key to increasing productivity and efficiency.

2. System monitoring and “self-healing” systems

In a tough market businesses need to think smarter and be more efficient. Key to this is moving to proactive IT support, where the latest technology allows you to work on systems before they go wrong, to send alerts flagging potential issues and to even create self-correcting routines. This is clever ‘new generation’ IT support helps deliver greater “up time” and drive increased productivity.

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laptops vs. tablets



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There has been a huge rise in the popularity of tablet computers over the last couple of years. This has been mainly due to their easy to use interface, portability, and the wide ranging ways they can be used. Recently Google has released their first tablet and Microsoft has announced that they will be bringing out their own tablet in October 2012, hoping to capitalise on the booming market. Some people are now looking at using these devices as an alternative to a laptop; below we consider the pros and cons of both.

Inputting Data

The obvious difference between a laptop and a tablet is that laptops have a physical keyboard. Tablets rely solely on a touch interface on the screen for input. This is fine when it involves mainly pointing, dragging or tapping to navigate around a program but when it comes to typing longer documents most people find it easier and more comfortable to use real keys.  It’s possible to add an external Bluetooth keyboard to many tablets to make this more like a laptop but it adds to the cost as well as having more to carry around.  This starts to detract from what’s great about tablets.

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Working Remotely



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In business you need to be there for your customers, come rain, hail or shine. Hours lost away from the office can mean missed deadlines, which can lead to lost clients. Your business needs to keep functioning and that’s exactly what remote working can deliver.

The ability to work effectively from almost any location is one of the biggest changes happening in workplaces today. Innovations in technology have been the greatest driver of this. Having access to systems, files and emails whilst away from the office brings a range of business benefits and cost savings – from increased productivity and greater staff motivation to more effective use of time.

Many companies have stayed away from remote working in the past, this is particularly true of smaller businesses that think it is expensive and difficult to implement. Ironically smaller businesses stand to gain the most from flexible working.

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