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Later this month Microsoft will release its first set enhancements and fixes to Windows 8 since its launch in October last year. Given the “mixed” reviews it has received and the slow uptake, what can we expect and will these changes give it the boost it needs?

Ironically Microsoft’s own list of enhancements places the changes to the desktop (including the infamous disappearing Start Button) almost last with a statement that simply says “Improvements have been made to better support users who prefer a mouse and keyboard experience to access applications.” The good news is that this translates to the fact that the Start Button is returning as are some of the search facilities. Users can also now set their machines to run the previous desktop design as a default rather than the new tiled layout; another major complaint of Windows 8.

Microsoft said that the update, due on the 26th June, will be a test version. The company added that they will ship the final product later this year as a free update for Windows 8 customers.

So what else can we expect?

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