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We may not like to admit it but from a financial perspective some of the most successful “businesses” in the world are the more seedy ones we would generally not want to associate ourselves with… gambling, pornography, drugs, and arms dealing.

Why is this? Well, most if not all tend to have a rather “flexible” approach to their tax payment regimes and arguably they are all involved with addictive habits either directly or indirectly. On those two points we probably can’t or shouldn’t apply those to our businesses. However, there are other reasons for their success that we can learn from and implement.

Some of these may be underworld activities but others spend a fortune creating a brand and marketing themselves. Just look at Las Vegas! A town in the middle of a desert has not been shy in using every trick in the book to successfully promote itself.

Also, interestingly, these industries are the first to embrace and utilise the latest technologies in their businesses.

The world of pornography has embraced virtual reality for immersive “experiences” and the world of robotics for lifelike “partners”; drugs and arms dealers were the first to take advantage of data encryption and crypto-currency such as bitcoin, and the gambling world is at the forefront of utilising CCTV and facial recognition technologies.

So, while these dubious entrepreneurs protect themselves and build successful empires, fully utilising technology, the average business owner usually views it as a cost centre and a necessary evil.
Perhaps it’s time for SME owners and managers to take note?

Businesses need to recognise that criminals are ahead of the game with regards to infiltrating IT systems and so need to act to protect themselves with equally sophisticated technology and services. Cybersecurity isn’t expensive, it is priceless!

And they need to understand how, by fully utilising technology, fantastic efficiencies and gains can be made, even without the illegal activity included. It’s time for the good guys to step up!

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Phil Bird
Chief Executive Officer, The PC Support Group