What is Cloud Computing?

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Cloud computing is being talked about more and more and some are getting rather excited about it. This term is cropping up from technical seminars to the glossy magazines that come with your Sunday newspapers. So what is cloud computing and how might it affect your business? Cloud computing is a way of using computers… Read more »

Watch out for fake web sites

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Trading standards officers have reported that an increasing number of UK consumers are being tricked into buying fake goods by companies pretending to be UK based. Unfortunately many people think that to have a .co.uk web address you have to be a UK based company but it’s estimated that nearly half a million sites with… Read more »

How to follow your favourite blogs with ease

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If you’re like me you’ll often discover interesting or useful blogs but you just know that you don’t have time to keep visiting each one in the future to keep track of the latest updates. Even if you can subscribe to an email update (which isn’t always the case) you know that it will only… Read more »

Using IT to become more efficient

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Perhaps a strange topic for an IT support blog… or is it? There are many ways to become more efficient at work and I’m not going to start giving you lessons in productivity, time management or measurement. My solution is based around a simple solution that was inspired from when I used to visit London… Read more »

Keep on Tweeting… but beware!

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Twitter is great for giving and receiving useful, interesting or entertaining snippets of information (usually with links to more info. if you want it) between friends, colleagues or even strangers with an interest in what you do. However, it does have a couple of downsides that you need to be aware of as a tweeter… Read more »

Problem with AVG Anti-virus software version 8.5.322

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The PC Support Group has discovered a potentially serious problem with version 8.5.322 of the AVG Anti-virus software. It may partially uninstall itself leaving the computer exposed to potential viruses. Although reported in some other parts of the world it would appear that The PC Support Group was the first company to discover and report… Read more »