Top 7 issues with email and how to avoid them

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Given our massive usage of email (according to latest research 63 billion genuine emails are sent daily!) you would imagine that we are all now experts are making the best use of it. Unfortunately I come across problems every day caused through the misuse of email. Some of these are technical but many are actually… Read more »

IT Support – Why is it so bad?

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It just strikes me that at The PC Support Group we speak to businesses and home users daily who come to us with horror stories of their current or previous computer support provider. I don’t suppose that accountants, lawyers, financial advisors, designers and other professionals have anything like the same torrent of tales of woe…. Read more »

Saving Money on IT Infrastructure – False Economy?

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All Businesses want to shave off costs where possible. In fact, both in your personal life and in business it makes sense to look for the best deals. However in terms of IT support and equipment, the best deal is not necessarily the cheapest. What businesses and individuals often forget are the associated costs with… Read more »

Economic downturn – the unforseen consequences

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With the economy shrinking rapidly most small businesses are looking to make savings and at least retain the business they have. Unfortunately we all know where major savings can be made – reducing labour costs through redundancy. This is never easy for a business and it’s even harder on those on the receiving end of… Read more »

Data Backup – Why don't we take it seriously?

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When you consider that the information on our computers is irreplaceable and often far more valuable than the computers themselves, it’s amazing how many individuals and businesses still don’t take data backup seriously. Despite the importance of information within any business, the vast majority of small businesses do not have adequate backup and data recovery… Read more »

Free Software

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Everybody can benefit from good IT software, but in the current economic recession they cannot always afford it. The PC Support Group, office and home IT specialists, has devised some great tips to help the nation get their computers equipped with the best programmes without spending a penny. Most of us are cautious of free… Read more »