What is Cloud Computing?

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Cloud computing is being talked about more and more and some are getting rather excited about it. This term is cropping up from technical seminars to the glossy magazines that come with your Sunday newspapers. So what is cloud computing and how might it affect your business? Cloud computing is a way of using computers… Read more »

Netbooks, Laptops, Notebooks – Who cares?

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Why is it that manufacturers and the technical media are obsessed with whether laptops will be replaced by notebooks or netbooks? I think this is yet another example of the disconnection between those that immerse themselves in technology and those that operate in the “real world”. As someone that runs an IT support business I… Read more »

Netbooks – True flexible working

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Traditionally PCs have appeared in two main forms – a workstation and a laptop. Saying that, the laptop I used back in the early 90’s actually weighed more than a modern workstation! With improving technology and everything reducing in size and power consumption, some of the big manufacturers developed a new type of portable machine… Read more »