Are you looking for top quality, cost-effective IT support for your business? Then look no further. You’ve found the perfect solution…

The PC Support Group
Using The PC Support Group is like having your own professional IT Support department, ready to help at any time, but without the usual associated high costs.

The sheer scope, scale and quality of our offer to small businesses make us different from the rest.

And it makes us the best.

The PC Support Group: Giving you the best for less

What We Will Do For You

We specialise in providing top quality IT support to businesses with between 1 and 50 PCs, removing all the usual worries and problems with your computers– and anything that communicates with, runs on, or connects to them.

We recognise that you want your technology to “just work”, enabling you and your staff to perform your business tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. To achieve this we keep things simple, no blinding you with science, just common sense advice, guidance and delivery.

We work towards achieving your goals through technology, not despite it.

Our award winning, low cost IT support includes:


• Monitoring & Management

Using sophisticated support technology (normally only employed by large corporations) we pro-actively monitor and manage every computer that we look after. We often know about issues even before our customers do, saving them time and money!

• Pro-active Maintenance

We perform regular maintenance work, even when your computers appear to be working well, to help prevent future problems. Why wait until it’s too late?

• Instant Remote Support

We resolve over 90% of computer support problems remotely, giving you a faster and more efficient service which is totally secure. This means that we can fix most of your computer problems instantly without you having to wait for a visit.

• Local On-site Support

We also have locally based engineers ready to visit, often within the hour.

• One Off Solutions

You don’t need a contract to use us. We are happy to work with you on single issues or projects.

• Rolling 30 Day BusinessCARE Contracts

BusinessCARE, our small business support service has been designed to give you the freedom to focus on your business while we take total responsibility for the smooth running of your IT systems.

Our contracts start at less than £10 per month and have no tie-in period so you can stop them at any time, leaving you in total control.

With BusinessCARE you benefit from a highly-effective computer maintenance and support service at a low fixed price, meaning you know exactly what your IT spend will be—with no surprises.

• No Call Centres – No Waiting!

You have direct, personal access to a local Director who knows how to make things happen – fast!

• Track Record

We have hundreds of testimonials from delighted customers which we’re happy to share with you. If you want to know what just a small selection have to say about us then see our Testimonials page.

In short, The PC Support Group offers a completely new kind of computer support experience for any small business.


Would You Like To Put Us To The Test For FREE?

We appreciate this may seem too good to be true and there must be a catch but there really isn’t! Provided you’re a business that has never used us before we will provide one 2 hour session of support absolutely FREE with no further commitment. During the 2 hours we can perform any IT installation, maintenance, support or advice you require.

This is a SPECIAL OFFER for businesses throughout North West London for October 2008 only so don’t delay

Why are we offering this?

To be honest we’re hoping that you will be so impressed by our service that you’ll want to use us again in the future, and perhaps even take out a service contract with us.

Some of our colleagues have said we must be mad; “Companies will take advantage of you!”. We know this may happen but we believe that most businesses just want to find a company they can trust to do a great job. And we think providing our service for FREE is the best way to prove that we are that company!

How do I apply for the FREE Trial?

To register for your free support and as a BONUS get a FREE report ’20 Indispensable Computer Facts Every Small Business Owner/Manager Should Know’ simply call us on 0845 2233116 or complete the form below.