At The PC Support Group, we believe that taking action to protect our environment and making better use of our natural resources makes sense for the world we live in and financially too. That’s why we constantly seek ways to reduce our environmental impact.

So what are we doing to make a difference?

Reduced need for travel

Our entire business structure significantly reduces the need for high levels of travel which in turn massively reduces our carbon emissions.

Our technology enables us to fix well over 90% of problems remotely so we don’t have to waste fuel travelling to and from customer sites. Not only does this make sense for the environment but our customers get a faster and more efficient service!

Also, our business is spread across many small offices around the country rather than one large head office. This means that when we do travel to and from our customer’s premises it is within a short distance of each office. This not only reduces fuel and carbon emissions but also improves our customer relationships as our customers deal with their local representatives who understand their problems and goals.

Less paper usage

The second way in which we reduce our impact on the environment is to store all information within our sophisticated Customer Relationship Management system, massively reducing our paper usage. This increases our customer service as we can access customer information quickly and efficiently, proving again that being “green” makes business sense.


Wherever possible The PC Support Group recycles paper and cardboard through the local council schemes.

Hosting and Data Centre Technology

The servers on which we run our internal systems are hosted at a Rackspace data centre. Rackspace provides carbon neutral hosting through tree planting. So far Rackspace is planting between 300-400 trees a month! Other projects from our hosting partners include the utilisation of a data centre, opened in June 2008, that utilises the latest power efficient technology and runs on environmentally friendly energy.

Rackspace also uses energy efficient Dell AMD Opteron and Intel Xeon servers which have low voltage processors, SFF hard drives and DDR2 memory, meaning they consume less power than prior server models.

Also, 1&1 is our chosen partner for our client’s web and e-mail hosting service. 1&1 also have an excellent track record on environmental issues. They now utilise wind, water and solar power in accordance with the Renewable Energy Certification System (RECS).

All of this ensures that we keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and helps our client’s become more environmentally friendly… without even realising it!

If you have any other ideas of how we can decrease our impact on the environment that we would welcome your ideas. Simply e-mail them to