Business IT Support for Birkenhead

We have a wide range of service-focused IT Support and IT Outsourcing solutions available to businesses in Birkenhead

The PC Support Group is an established name in the IT support industry, known for the high-quality and value for money of our IT services, including our range of IT support Birkenhead services.

We’re equipped to deal with a variety of customer needs and currently work with clients ranging from business with 20+ PCs, to businesses that have more than 150 computers and several servers. So no matter what IT services and solutions you require, we have the ability to give you trustworthy, innovative and high-quality IT support.

Our clients are located all over the North West, with our experienced local staff team on hand to help you build a personalised and highly professional range of IT support in Birkenhead. If you’re in need of regular support and maintenance services at highly competitive rates, we’re able to meet your exact needs with our wealth of experience.


IT Solutions for Businesses…

We have many years of industry experience and a broad range of skills across our team at The PC Support Group, giving us the ability to identify your business needs, to make sure all of your IT systems run reliably and efficiently. IT services are a vital part of every business and can have a massive impact on the daily functioning and success of your company. Not only do we understand IT, we also understand how to give specialist support to SMEs, guiding you as your IT needs grow and develop.

Having provided this service for a number of years, we are able to create an ideal solution for any SME looking for IT support Birkenhead services. We offer extremely high-quality IT support delivered to you by a team of local professionals.

Not only is this support personalised to provide just the right IT solutions for your company, but it can be delivered local to Birkenhead at a price that fits your exact budget. This isn’t just us making loud claims; our work has received recent industry awards, including global awards such as a place in the Top 501 Managed Service Providers (MSPs) 2018 and Tango100 2019, as well as UK awards in the Best 50 Managed IT Companies 2018, the Tango50 2019 and Best SME IT Support Business 2019 – North West of England.

Our monitoring systems, available to anyone seeking Birkenhead IT support, are designed to be pro-active, allowing us to spot issues before they can even take effect, which will save you both time and money.

If you want to know more, please phone us today on 0151 601 2778 and ask one of our expert technical staff anything you’d like to know about our range of IT support Birkenhead services and how we can support your company through the next stage of its growth and development.