Business IT Support for Northwich

Providing service-focused IT Support, as well as IT Outsourcing, across Northwich and the surrounding area

The PC Support Group provides quality services throughout Cheshire

The PC Support Group can provide your company with quality IT Outsourcing services across the North West

Here at the PC Support Group, we are an industry leader, recognised for consistent quality and value in the IT services we offer, with a range of clients around Cheshire, including Northwich.

We’re flexible enough to be able to cater to a variety of customer preferences, evidenced by the fact that we’re currently working with a client base varying from home businesses with a single laptop, up to sizeable businesses with upwards of 150 computers and multiple local servers on-site. Whatever the IT service and solution you need, we’ll be able to build a bespoke package that suits your business needs exactly, providing you with innovative, reliable and high quality support services.

With our clients based around the North West, our highly qualified local staff team are nearby to support you in building the exact service you need, personalised and professional to suit your business in the Northwich area. Whether you’re looking for regular support and maintenance, or you’re just seeking a one-off IT solution, we’re equipped to cater to your exact requirements with our range of services.


IT Solutions for Businesses…

With our extensive industry experience and wide range of skills and insight throughout our staff team at the PC Support Group, we’ll identify your key business needs in terms of IT solutions. We’ll design and a tailor-made package for your company and ensure that your systems are operating reliably, safely and efficiently. We understand just how vital your IT services can be to the day-to-day functions and success of your business. Alongside our insight into IT services and solutions, we also have the business insight to provide specialist support to SMEs, adapting with you as your IT needs develop.

We’ve been providing industry-leading services for a number of years, building a wealth of insight that allows us to build the ideal solution for each business client we work with. We provide great detail with our corporate service insight, delivering quality IT support through our expert local team. This allows us to offer personalised IT support that is the ideal fit for you, local to Northwich and built for your budget.

The work we’ve put in over the past few years has seen us received a range of industry awards that point to the quality of our work. In addition to being awarded “Service Provider of the Year” at the 2015 Network Computing Awards, and returning as a finalist in 2016, we’ve also been recognised as one of the “50 Best Managed IT Companies in the UK” in September 2016.

We offer pro-active monitoring of your systems, which means that our IT support will search for any irregularities and reduce the risk of any damage that a potential IT issue could cause. It also allows us to stop many problems before they even take effect, saving you valuable time and money.

To speak to us in more detail about how we could service the IT needs of your business, please call us on 0151 601 2778 or email us on our website. Our expert technical staff are happy to talk about our work and the support we can offer your company at each stage of its continued growth and development.