Business IT Support for Salford

The PC Support Group offers service-focused IT support and IT outsourcing to businesses in Salford. 

Through our IT support services, businesses in the Salford region can receive trusted IT care from an experienced and highly skilled team of IT experts. Our trusted IT support Salford services tailored to meet the exact needs of your business, at competitive rates and with no tie-in

Over recent years, we have worked with companies across a wide range of different industries providing Salford IT Support and consequently helping these businesses grow We apply this wealth of experience to offer an innovative range of solutions through our Salford IT support.

Typically, we work with local businesses with around 20 computers up to companies with over 150 computers and multiple servers.

The PC Support Group will assess your exact IT support Salford needs and provide a tailored IT service to complement your business. If you’re looking for a monthly IT support package to help your business grow, get in touch with us today to find the right fit for you.


IT Solutions for Businesses…

If you’re looking for the best IT support Salford service, The PC Support Group can help you. We have established a strong reputation for quality and trusted IT services, alongside real business insight, which enables us to offer innovative and effective guidance and IT solutions to help your business grow. Our combination of business insight and IT expertise makes us a winning option in your region.

We will get to know your business processes and advise you about exactly what you require in terms of IT solutions. Through this knowledge, we’ll then produce a specifically tailored package to cater to your IT service needs, enabling your team to feel fully resourced in terms of their IT needs.

The PC Support Group has received a range of awards over the past year, including global awards such as being in the Top 501 Managed Service Providers (MSPs) 2018 and Tango100 2019, while UK awards include the Best 50 Managed IT Companies 2018, the Tango50 2019 and Best SME IT Support Business 2019 – North West of England.

Through our innovative IT monitoring systems, we can identify and deal with potential problems before they can cause further harm. This feature not only protects you from unnecessary stress, but it can also save you a significant amount of time and money. In effect, we will be providing you the service of a full-time IT support staff, but doing so at a fraction of the cost of having an in-house team.

You can get in touch with us today on 0161 660 0507 to speak to our team about our IT services. We can talk to you in more detail about the extensive range of IT support we can provide to your business.