A cost effective, secure and efficient IT system to support growth

Picow Engineering

A cost effective, secure and efficient IT system to support growth

About the project

Picow Engineering Group is a multi-discipline engineering company specialising in electrical installation and large-scale engineering projects for blue chip companies, councils and the rail network.

Picow needed a cost effective, secure and efficient IT system to support their growth and an IT partner they could trust. A board level decision was made to outsource this, and The PC Support Group was engaged to plan, provision, install and support this system.

The benefits

Faster and more reliable IT performance
Reliable and cost effective remote working
Enhanced data security
Improved email stability
Efficient IT problem resolution

The client

Specialising in electrical installation, Picow has a deserved reputation for engineering excellence and customer satisfaction.  It employs over 100 people including those based at their North West head office and the remaining staff work remotely.

They provide a comprehensive service including designs in all aspects of engineering, construction and full electrical installation and control as well as complete project management.

Picow undertakes large-scale engineering projects for an increasing portfolio of well-known blue-chip companies including Land Rover, Jaguar, Kraft Heinz, United Utilities and Northern Rail amongst others.

The challenge

Through rapid business growth with a keen focus on being trailblazers in their industry, Picow’s IT systems were starting to lose effectiveness, unable to support their strategy and at risk of holding back their continued growth. They needed a new approach to their IT infrastructure which would feed their ambitious expansion and diversification plans.

A key challenge was the need for enhanced data security and system reliability whilst enabling a UK-wide workforce to work remotely with efficiency.

The existing infrastructure had limited remote access capability which inhibited the company’s ambitions for more flexible working and the number of IT-related issues plus speed of addressing them was holding the organisation back.

The solution

Working closely with Picow management, it was clear that a system was required that would save unnecessary additional investment, reduce ongoing software and hardware maintenance costs and dramatically improve their email security.

A key to the solution was the introduction of Windows terminals across sites, enabling a cost-effective system for remote desktop working allowing the company to progress.

The PC Support Group successfully developed and managed an efficient and detailed implementation plan that meant there was no disruption to Picow’s day-to-day work.

The results

Picow has a modern, integrated IT infrastructure in place to support their business growth providing fast, secure access to data from anywhere whilst being cost effective.

Their staff can gain immediate access from any client site around the world and are entirely functional, productive and part of the organisation’s systems and communications.

Every staff member now has access to expedient and accurate technical support whenever help is needed thanks to their new outsourced IT department. This keeps the workforce delivering effectively, minimising disruption when things go wrong. Additionally, The PC Support Group proactively monitors the systems as well as carrying out preventative maintenance to further drive down any disruption or downtime to an absolute minimum.

The initial transfer from our old IT supplier to The PC Support Group was very smooth with minimal disruption to our business and we have since seen a significant improvement in service and reliability.
Andy Ray, CAD Manager, Picow Engineering