Corinne Christou, WPA

I had heard a lot of positive things about The PC Support Group; they have gained an excellent & well-deserved reputation as a leading IT support company who set very high standards and deliver excellent customer service.

So when I needed IT support earlier this year, I felt more than happy to approach them to use their services.

The Engineer who did the job was an expert with many years’ experience, this was fantastic as I was immediately confident in his ability to look at the problems I was experiencing (It’s not always easy to trust providers when your own business services are at stake!). It didn’t take long for him to work out what the problem was and I was given a diagnosis within just 30 minutes – I put this down to the experience of the Technician – he knew exactly what to do and he worked quickly to ascertain the issue.

Having met staff from The PC Support Group I can vouch for their extreme professionalism:

Indeed, I am always keen to investigate a business and undertake due diligence prior to utilising their services: Having watched the video testimonials from a plethora of their clients, meeting Pamela Case who is an exemplary ambassador of the company, and most importantly, based on my own experience, I would recommend The PC Support Group without reservation.