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Staff AND Technology – must unite in the fight!

If you’re in the habit of checking the news online you will have noticed that almost daily now there are reports of data breaches by attackers. Cyber security headlines are all too frequent and alert us to the skill and … Continue reading

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Work Smarter Not Harder

We believe that businesses of all sizes can start to work smarter and more productively in 2014 by embracing the concept of remote working and really harnessing the power of technology. Many companies have been reticent about using remote working, … Continue reading

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How to choose the right broadband provider for your business

If your business relies on the internet, then you need to ensure you have a broadband service that is dependable. Many small businesses simply look for the cheapest option and that usually translates to a broadband package designed primarily for … Continue reading

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20 Questions Your Business Should Ask When Selecting An IT Support Company [Infographic]

Here at The PC Support Group, we manage IT for hundreds of businesses and one thing that we regularly come across are business owners and managers who are frustrated that they don’t understand IT and so feel incapable of choosing … Continue reading

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20 great questions to ask when choosing an IT support company

Asking the right questions can make selecting the right IT support provider for you and/or your business a much easier process. As an IT support business striving to provide a great service to our customers we love being asked tricky … Continue reading

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Why Upgrade To Windows 7?

Windows 7 burst onto the scene in August, 2009 and since then uptake has been gradual. According to analyst firm Forrester Windows XP still accounts for over 59.9% of market share for business use. Windows XP was released in 2001 and is … Continue reading

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What Happens If Your Systems Fail?

Keeping computers up and running is a fundamental requirement for any business. Companies are starting to recognise the importance of having good data backup processes but this is only part of the picture. If there is a major incident, how … Continue reading

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Make Remote Working Right For Your Business

In business you need to be there for your customers, come rain, hail or shine. Hours lost away from the office can mean missed deadlines, which can lead to lost clients. Your business needs to keep functioning and that’s exactly … Continue reading

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Avoiding Junk Emails In Your Business

Junk emails, or Spam are emails sent to you without consent by people or businesses with which you have no relationship. Receiving Junk email can cause significant problems for your business as it can clog up your email system and often … Continue reading

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Is someone using your Wi-Fi connection for free?

It may be wrong and it’s certainly illegal but according to a recent survey we have conducted, one in two Wi-Fi users in the UK still access someone else’s wireless Internet network without permission. Wi-Fi ‘piggybacking’ has been around since … Continue reading

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