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Firewall Management Services

Unauthorised network access can lead to data loss, data breaches and risk to your business. Discover our behind-the-scenes firewall management to provide peace of mind and reassurance against cybercrime.

PCSG - Managed Firewall 2

Managed Firewall Services for Businesses

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Protect your business, your data and your employees with a managed firewall, a crucial line of defence against cyber attack


A managed firewall gives you the flexibility and control to monitor access and manage risk

Our Managed Firewall Solutions



Proactive monitoring of your network to identify breaches before they happen

Helpdesk with remote support and proactive incident management
Software updates
Automatic software updates and patching

Filter to prevent access from harmful content


Reporting and alerting to check for signs of risk behaviour


PCI Compliance


Administration and configuration


Backup of policies and hardware configuration

Failover Services

Optional mobile network failover service


Block external unauthorised access

If an unauthorised user is trying to access your files remotely, a firewall can block access and alert your team of an attempted security breach

Reduce the risk of cyber attack

Help prevent employees from accessing dangerous websites, reducing the risk of falling victim to phishing scams or entering important information into an insecure website

Increased productivity

Firewalls also block access to undesirable web applications and activities ensuring employees maximise their work time

Reduced downtime

A managed firewall diagnoses problems and recovers from the disaster much quicker than an unmanaged firewall


Can help with meeting the requirements of cyber security accreditation

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My colleague and I had a really good session with PCSG looking at security - what I really think is great about your approach is that you teach us what we're in need of so we can work through the concerns and queries, have a go ourselves and then build on our knowledge, with support as we need it - absolutely amazing session, couldn't have gone better, so pleased, thank you... you have our brains purring with ideas!
Claire Calman, Business & People Manager, Starts with you

Protect, React, Recover: A Guide to Cyber Resilience for SMEs.

A managed firewall is an essential part of your business’s cyber security strategy. To help bolster your cyber defences from cyber criminals and be prepared in the event of a disaster, download our free ebook, Protect, React, Recover: A Guide to Cyber Resilience for SMEs.

Within this comprehensive guide, you’ll find a range of information to help you understand the world of cyber security and how it impacts your business.


What is a firewall in an IT network?

A firewall acts as your network's security guard, controlling who and what traffic enters and exits. It analyses incoming and outgoing data packets, blocking suspicious activity while allowing authorised communication. Firewalls are crucial for protecting your network from unauthorised access, malware, and other cyber threats

What is a managed firewall service?

Managed firewall services means outsourcing the firewall management to a cyber security specialist. They will provide comprehensive management of your firewall, including:

* Deployment and configuration: Setting up and optimising your firewall for your specific needs.

* Monitoring and threat detection: Continuous surveillance for suspicious activity and potential breaches.

* Policy management: Fine-tuning rules to allow or block specific traffic based on your security needs.

* Patch and update management: Keeping your firewall software current with the latest security fixes.

* Reporting and analysis: Gaining insights into your network activity and threat landscape.

* Incident response: Expert assistance in containing and migrating security incidents 


What are the benefits of firewall management services?

Outsourcing your firewall management to a trusted provider means:

* Enhanced security: Proactive monitoring and expert management offer stronger protection against evolving threats.

* Reduced workload: Free up your IT team to focus on core tasks.

* Improved detection and response: Faster, more effective response to potential security incidents.

* Simplified management: No need for in-house expertise to handle complex firewall configuration.

* Peace of mind: Knowing your network is constantly guarded by security professionals.

What should I expect from a managed firewall solution?

When choosing a managed firewall solution, here are some things to look for in a provider:

* Monitoring and support: Continuous vigilance and expert assistance whenever needed.

* Customisable policy management: Flexible options to align with your specific security requirements.

* Regular reports and security insights: Clear visibility into your network activity and potential risks.

* Transparent communication and collaboration: Clear updates and proactive discussions about your security posture.

How much does a managed firewall service cost?

Pricing depends on factors like the level of granular security control you require, size and network size and complexity, service level, and chosen provider. Investing in strong security is an essential cost of protecting your business data and operations.

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