PCSG - Data Protection 1

Cyber Security Audit Services

Identify gaps in your business security, understand your weaknesses and get actionable advice to help protect your organisation from cybercrime.

PCSG - Data Protection 1

IT Security Testing
for Businesses

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Get expert insight and advice on how you can better protect your business from harmful cyber criminals


A fully impartial and independent review across your entire IT infrastructure with helpful actions to improve your defences

Our Cyber Security Audit & Testing Services


Appraisal of set up

A thorough appraisal of your security set up

Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment to identify threats that your business may be susceptible to
Review of Software & Hardware
Review and appraisal of software and hardware

Analysis and evaluation of security systems and policies

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessments to examine the security processes and how they might be exploited


Evaluation of your data protection and recovery systems

Penetration testing

Penetration testing to evaluate your current defences and their effectiveness


Robust and consistent security

Identify security weaknesses before they're exploited

Data management

Discover better ways to keep your data protected

Defence against threats

Be proactive in defending against the latest cybercrime threats

Improved management control

Avoid reputation damage that can be caused by a breach

Defence against data theft

Prevent financial upheaval by implementing the strongest lines of defence against data theft

The PC Support Group has been our IT support partner of choice for over a decade and their approach to data protection and cyber-security is second to none. As cyber-criminals adapt and change their approach, The PC Support Group proactively advises us and keeps us ahead of the curve by introducing new technology and processes.
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Protect, React, Recover: A Guide to Cyber Resilience for SMEs

All businesses should have a robust cyber security strategy in place to prevent harmful attacks and be prepared in the event of a breach. Find out more about how a cyber security audit can help to identify gaps in your defences.

To help bolster your cyber defences from cyber criminals and be prepared in the event of a disaster, download our free ebook, Protect, React, Recover: A Guide to Cyber Resilience for SMEs.

Within this comprehensive guide, you’ll find a range of information to help you understand the world of cyber security and how it impacts your business.

Identify Weaknesses in your IT Infrastructure

At The PC Support Group, our expert technicians have years of experience in protecting IT systems, as well as a deep knowledge of the latest and most powerful lines of defence against an attack. 

Looking to review and upgrade your business’ cyber security defences? Get in touch today and set up a free, no-obligation discovery call with our cyber security experts to learn more about our IT security audits and cyber security testing process and how it can help you keep the criminals out.

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