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High-Speed Leased Lines & Business Internet Connectivity

Internet connectivity solutions tailored to your requirements at a competitive price. Our team will guide you from start to finish including planning, installation & support

Man checking tablet pc as he is plugging cables into server in data center-Jan-06-2023-09-20-28-3263-AM

Reliable, powerful connectivity
with award-winning service

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If you're looking for high-speed business internet connectivity, our affordable and reliable leased lines are the perfect solution. We proudly support businesses in the UK with fully managed, powerful connections that allow them to focus on what they do best.

Award-winning installation & support

From start to finish our team will work with you to ensure you're getting exactly the right leased line for your business. Planning, installation and ongoing support are provided directly by us, so you have a reliable, single point of contact with access to our expert engineers; no phone queues or call centres.

Guaranteed speeds and marking leading SLAs

Guaranteed simultaneous download and upload speeds of up to 10GB - even during peak hours - backed by award-winning support and four-hour on-site carrier response in the event of hardware failure. 100% uptime guaranteed when taken with The PC Support Group's failover solution.

Choice of the UK's leading network providers

We offer a diverse choice of business leased lines from major network providers and ISPs to give you choice, resilience and a tailored solution to meet your exact requirements at a comprehensive price.

Why chose The PC Support Group as your Leased Line provider?

Choice of networks

The PC Support Group works with a diverse range of dedicated internet leased line service providers.  We provide our clients with a fully-managed & secure internet connectivity solution that provides choice, resilience and flexibility

The best price without compromise
By being able to select from a range of services and providers we offer the very best prices with no hidden costs. High speed leased line prices start from £250 pcm
Dedicated line
Your leased line connection is solely yours, meaning no sharing bandwidth with other businesses and premises
Speeds from 10MB up to 10GB

Internet dedicated leased line services with bandwidth available up to 10GB, delivered directly via 100MB, 1GB or 10GB bearers

Scalable bandwidth

Adapt quickly to changing business needs by upgrading bandwidth at short notice. Increase capacity and only pay for what you need on our fully-managed and secure dedicated leased line broadband

Flexible, fast bandwidth

Pick the download and upload speeds you need, from 10 MB all the way up to 10GB. With a leased line, you get guaranteed simultaneous (symmetrical) upload and download speeds

Uptime guarantees

We offer market-leading SLAs with 100% target availability service level agreements on your fibre leased line

Award-winning support team

We win numerous awards for our support and service. We are always available to provide expert help with our proactive approach

"The move to a new leased business line arrangement is a great example of the proactive work that The PC Support Group does on our behalf behind the scenes. They came to us six months before the end of our existing deal with a recommendation of where to go next and what the business and cost benefits would be. We now have a 100% connectivity guarantee, while cutting costs by 35% and saving more than £6,000”
Sara Wilde, Managing Director, Influential

Expert Knowledge. Flexible Approach. Rapid Response.

Friendly & knowledgeable

From the first point of contact with The PC Support Group, our dedicated support staff and IT specialists are always on hand to offer advice and expertise, going the extra mile to make sure our clients are happy.


We’re a multi-award-winning company dedicated to helping businesses and charitable organisations throughout the UK. Our growing number of awards celebrate the services we provide for our clients.


We’re proud to be a Microsoft Partner, a member of the Apple Consultants Network, and Cyber Essentials accredited. We value the great relationship we have with all our clients, partners and suppliers.

Expertise & track record

We know just how important reliable and secure technology is to business success. That’s why nearly 200 businesses trust us to manage their IT systems and internet connections.

Agile & responsive

We proactively monitor your systems and connections to quickly identify and resolve potential issues.

Living our values

Our values reflect not only how we promise to treat our valued clients but also how we treat our suppliers, partners and even each other within The PC Support Group.


How to Choose the Right Internet Connection for Your Business

This easy-to-digest and helpful checklist will help you understand your internet connectivity requirements, narrow down your options and make the right choice of leased line connection.

Inside, you’ll learn how to:

*    Evaluate your internet usage
*    Understand if your business would benefit from a leased line
*    Choose the right connection type
*    Select appropriate bandwidth and speed options
*    And more

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You can book a meeting with one of our consultants and we’ll be happy to discuss your current business challenge.

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