Cyber Security for SMEs: A Guide

How to better protect your business from cyber crime


Cyber security is an essential consideration for businesses of all sizes. Here are some frequently asked questions and helpful information relating to cyber security and its importance in your business.

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What is cyber security?

Cyber security is the overarching name given to the processes and systems in place to protect a business or organisation from cyber crime and data breaches. There are various types of security measures that can be taken, and it’s important that these are regularly reviewed to ensure systems are up to date, working as they should be, and that there are no vulnerabilities that may leave your business open to a breach.

Why is cyber security important for small and medium sized businesses?

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Cyber security is essential for all businesses, whether you’re a multi-national organisation or a 20-person local business. Without adequate protection, you leave your organisation at risk of attack from cyber criminals and attackers. This can result in loss of data or prevention of access to your IT systems, which in turn can result in a costly (and not necessarily reliable) recovery process. For small and medium-sized businesses, a breach can be crippling from a financial perspective, so cyber security is something you simply must take seriously.

Good cyber security is important for several reasons:

  • It protects your sensitive information from falling into the hands of criminals
  • It provides a safety net against malicious attacks such as email phishing attempts
  • It can reduce the chances of your staff introducing a vulnerability into the network by preventing them from opening suspicious documents or accessing suspect websites
  • It can prevent unknown or unwanted users from accessing your systems remotely
  • It provides peace of mind to your customers and clients that their data is secure

How much does good cyber security cost?

The price of a cyber security solution can vary depending on the number of defences, pieces of software and processes involved. The size of your business can also impact the price you’ll pay.

However, there’s more to consider than just the cost of the service. Instead, you should consider the overall value gained from having a robust cyber security solution in place. That’s because the outlay is dwarfed by the potential cost of a security breach. In some cases, small businesses can face financial devastation and may even be forced out of business altogether if they are subject to an attack.

In short, it costs much, much less than the cost of a successful attack against your business. Imagine if a criminal hacked into your systems and stole sensitive information and data. You’d potentially lose thousands of pounds, hundreds of thousands even — and that doesn’t take into account lost revenue streams from disgruntled customers who no longer trust you to keep their information secure.

A good disaster recovery plan may help but can be an extremely complex and costly process — and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to get your data back. The price you pay for a breach is therefore likely to be much more expensive than your monthly outlay for a good security service.

Rather than a ‘cost’, think about cyber security as an investment that keeps you protected and ensures your business can run smoothly in the long run without the worry of falling victim to cyber crime. We always say that cyber security isn’t expensive; it’s priceless.


How to improve your cyber security

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There are many ways and means that businesses can use to bolster their cyber defences. Here are some ways to improve your business’s cyber security:

  • Use strong passwords combined with multi-factor authentication
  • Ensure firewalls and antivirus software are up-to-date and providing the highest level of protection
  • Regularly backup your data and sensitive information
  • Ensure staff are trained on the importance of cyber security, and that training is a regular occurrence rather than a one-off
  • Use secure file sharing methods when sharing data with colleagues, clients and customers
  • Have your security setup audited on a regular basis to highlight any vulnerabilities
  • Avoid opening suspicious emails and downloading suspect files, as they may be part of a phishing attempt

It’s important to remember that just having one line of defence is not enough; your cyber security setup should be as strong and bulletproof as possible to eliminate the chances of a breach. Hackers prefer easy targets!

Why choose The PC Support Group to provide cyber security services?

The PC Support Group has many years of experience in providing tailored IT support to small and medium-sized businesses across the UK. This includes our delivery of robust and reliable cyber security solutions to help keep businesses protected from harmful cyber threats, viruses and malicious activity.

Our friendly team of technicians are experts in their field. They know the industry inside-out, meaning they can answer your questions, allay your fears and advise on the best courses of action to protect your business from cyber attacks. With their in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies, our team is best placed to ensure your business is adequately protected and your data is secure 24/7.

We can also support you to become Cyber Essentials accredited. Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed accreditation scheme that helps businesses to protect themselves from the threat of common cyber attacks. The accreditation provides a set of controls to allow businesses of any size to be better prepared for an attempted attack.

Thanks to our expertise and track record, nearly 200 businesses trust us to keep them safe from the dark side of the internet, and we’d love to do the same for you.

Boost your cyber security now!

There’s no denying the importance of having a robust cyber security system in place for your business. Almost all SMEs can improve their defences in some way, whether that’s through systems and software or via human training.

For more on how to improve your business’ cyber defences, download our free ebook, Protect, React, Recover: A Guide to Cyber Resilience for SMEs.

As an established IT support company, The PC Support Group can help you to bolster your cyber defences and provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure you’re fully protected. The best part? You get to focus on what you do best, all safe in the knowledge that the experts are keeping out the nasty stuff behind the scenes.

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Free Download: Protect, React, Recover! A Guide to Cyber Resilience for SMEs

Download our free, in-depth ebook and learn how to better protect yourself and your business from cyber crime, unforeseen disasters and data loss.

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