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Facebook Developing “At Work” Version of Site?

There’s no doubt social media can be a valuable tool when it comes to developing workplace connections, discussing the latest industry news or even finding a new job. Although, many will argue that LinkedIn is setup to do exactly that. … Continue reading

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7 Ways to Protect Yourself from the Latest Bug Scare

With the recent news that online users ought to be braced for an incoming cyber attack, many people will be wondering what they need to do in order to keep their personal details secure. Unsurprisingly, the Get Safe Online website … Continue reading

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Two Weeks to Prepare for Powerful Cyber Attack?

The National Crime Agency have announced that online users have two weeks to prepare for a “powerful cyber attack”. Two pieces of malware software known as GOZeuS and CryptoLocker are at the centre of this alert and are reported to … Continue reading

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The eBay Hack: Should you be worried?

Ebay, the world’s biggest internet auction site, is the latest large organisation to be the victim of a cyber hack. Blaming what they call an “Achilles heel” for the encrypted user information being taken, the company quickly advised users to … Continue reading

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6 Things You Should Know About The “Heartbleed” Bug

If some of the headlines from the past week or so are to be believed, all our email accounts and social network sites are easy targets and the information about us they contain are just waiting to be hacked to … Continue reading

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The 25 Most Common Passwords: Is yours one of them?

A list of the 25 most guessed passwords in 2013 has been released – with “123456” being hacked more than any other. An unoriginal option, maybe, but it’s proven to be the most common and means last year’s most commonly … Continue reading

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New Technology: Five Things to Expect in 2014

At The PC Support Group, while specialising in IT Support, we are constantly on the pulse of the latest technology trends – and a new year means new possibilities. Here’s some things to look out for in 2014. January. A month of … Continue reading

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Apple announces the iPhone 5S and 5c – So what’s different?

The latest generation iPhone was unveiled by Apple at a glitzy event in California earlier this week. Pairing the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, this is the first time the technology giant has released two handsets on the same day, … Continue reading

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All change – Apple announce interface alterations

Apple has announced changes to their iOS interface system for its iPhone and iPad users in order to create a ‘flatter’ effect. New design chief Jony Ive has said it was an attempt to make the system look “cleaner” and … Continue reading

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Laptop or Tablet?

There has been a huge rise in the popularity of tablet computers over the last couple of years. This has been mainly due to their easy to use interface, portability, and the wide ranging ways they can be used. Recently … Continue reading

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