What is a podcast and how can you use them?

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For those of you that haven’t already come across podcasts, let me first explain what they are. A podcast is like a radio program except people can download it to a portable media player (such as an iPod or other mp3 player) and listen to it whenever and wherever they want – like they would… Read more »

Game Review – Left 4 Dead

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A game for lovers of the Zombie genre, think Dawn remake or 28 days, although the Romero purist may argue that Dawn (2004) was rubbish and 28 days are infected rather than zombies. This is a game that puts you in the position of the survivor, as you make your way through hazardous terrains to… Read more »

Lycos close down web hosting operations

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It seems that the demise of one of the original successful web businesses has gone under the radar of most people. Lycos Inc. (a well known name way before Google was even a glint in Lary Page’s or Sergey Brin’s eyes) stopped all the mail and hosting services on the 15th February 2009. This marks… Read more »

IT Support – Why is it so bad?

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It just strikes me that at The PC Support Group we speak to businesses and home users daily who come to us with horror stories of their current or previous computer support provider. I don’t suppose that accountants, lawyers, financial advisors, designers and other professionals have anything like the same torrent of tales of woe…. Read more »

Saving Money on IT Infrastructure – False Economy?

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All Businesses want to shave off costs where possible. In fact, both in your personal life and in business it makes sense to look for the best deals. However in terms of IT support and equipment, the best deal is not necessarily the cheapest. What businesses and individuals often forget are the associated costs with… Read more »