Rackspace Select The PC Support Group as Partner of the Month

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Rackspace Hosting, arguably the world’s leading hosted service provider has chosen The PC Support Group as its partner of the month for April. Following our work with Rackspace in recent months to reduce the costs and simplify the infrastructure of some of our clients we are delighted that they have chosen to promote us in… Read more »

Problem with AVG Anti-virus software version 8.5.322

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The PC Support Group has discovered a potentially serious problem with version 8.5.322 of the AVG Anti-virus software. It may partially uninstall itself leaving the computer exposed to potential viruses. Although reported in some other parts of the world it would appear that The PC Support Group was the first company to discover and report… Read more »

Neglecting data security could cost your business thousands

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In this ever increasingly cost concious environment it’s worth remembering that one area that small businesses must not neglect is IT security. Updating anti-virus software, using encrypted technology and protecting confidential information are all vital as criminals and fraudsters look to take advantage of economic confusion and anxiety to target businesses and home users. Recent… Read more »

Top 7 issues with email and how to avoid them

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Given our massive usage of email (according to latest research 63 billion genuine emails are sent daily!) you would imagine that we are all now experts are making the best use of it. Unfortunately I come across problems every day caused through the misuse of email. Some of these are technical but many are actually… Read more »

Netbooks – True flexible working

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Traditionally PCs have appeared in two main forms – a workstation and a laptop. Saying that, the laptop I used back in the early 90’s actually weighed more than a modern workstation! With improving technology and everything reducing in size and power consumption, some of the big manufacturers developed a new type of portable machine… Read more »