What is Cloud Computing?

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Cloud computing is being talked about more and more and some are getting rather excited about it. This term is cropping up from technical seminars to the glossy magazines that come with your Sunday newspapers. So what is cloud computing and how might it affect your business? Cloud computing is a way of using computers… Read more »

Memory sticks – True portability

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Once upon a time 1K (yes enough to hold 1,024 characters) was the standard for running a personal computer and to move this information to another computer consisted of a C90 tape, a lot a screeching noises from the computer and much anguish. Apologies to those born after 1980 who probably have no idea what… Read more »

What makes a good password?

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I regularly come across systems with passwords that I guess within about 30 seconds or that I know could easily be cracked within a few minutes using readily available tools. With this in mind I thought it might be worth giving people a few ideas as to how to avoid these issues. What NOT to… Read more »