Instagram set to rival Vine in video sharing stakes

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Instagram Video Update

Users of Facebook’s photo-sharing app, Instagram, will now be able to upload videos as well as still photographs after a deal was announced by the social network giant. Instagram’s chief executive Kevin Systrom said the updated app would allow users to make and upload clips lasting between three and 15 seconds in length and will… Read more »

What's New in Windows 8.1?

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Later this month Microsoft will release its first set enhancements and fixes to Windows 8 since its launch in October last year. Given the “mixed” reviews it has received and the slow uptake, what can we expect and will these changes give it the boost it needs? Ironically Microsoft’s own list of enhancements places the… Read more »

All change – Apple announce interface alterations

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Apple iOS7 Interface

Apple has announced changes to their iOS interface system for its iPhone and iPad users in order to create a ‘flatter’ effect. New design chief Jony Ive has said it was an attempt to make the system look “cleaner” and help “elevate” users’ content. The alteration follows a similar change to the OS X system,… Read more »