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Being in the IT industry for over 20 years and running The PC Support Group makes me acutely aware of spam e-mails and computer security in general. I am almost over-cautious and positively cynical about every e-mail I receive. Even an e-mail from my mother asking how my weekend went is met with a level of scrutiny that MI5 would be proud of.

Until recently the only e-mails I received trying to “encourage” me to give away personal information consisted of various alleged dissidents from third world countries who just happen to have millions of pounds stashed away and just happen to have come across me (and my e-mail) as a potential way to get the money out of the country. In helping them to do this the e-mail usually explains that I will save many families and their offspring from tragedy and I’ll pocket a few hundred thousand pounds in the process. Wonderful! In fact… too wonderful!

Ludicrous though the above scam may sound, many thousands of people around the world have fallen for this kind of scheme and have gone on to reveal their bank account details to unscrupulous fraudsters who have then used those details to empty the victim’s bank accounts.

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