Real-World Examples of How Businesses Use Microsoft Azure Successfully


You’ve perhaps heard about the massive advantages Microsoft Azure can provide for your business. From security, productivity and cost savings, there are a ton of benefits to be had.

Today, we’re going behind the scenes to see how real life businesses are using Azure to transform and reach their goals. Different industries, different use cases, but all with one thing in common: built on the Azure infrastructure.

Let’s take a look.

1. vCreate Uses Azure to Scale Secure Video Messaging Service

vCreate is a healthcare technology company that enables secure video and image sharing between healthcare professionals and patients’ families. The idea came from a request from a father whose son was in neonatal care, and who wanted to be able to securely receive updates when he couldn’t be at his child’s side.

The technology has seen a remarkable uptake across neonatal intensive care units (NICU) within the NHS, with 80% of units now using the platform. It’s also used in other medical scenarios, such as in helping to speed up diagnosis of neurological conditions.

The vCreate platform is built on the Azure infrastructure; a decision taken because of Azure’s ability to scale to meet demand. This proved to be a wise choice, allowing the platform to scale during the Covid pandemic when hospital visiting was hugely restricted for families of patients.

Additionally, the use of the vCreate platform has allowed NHS organisations to make cost efficiencies in patient care, saving an estimated £675 per patient.

2. SSP Group Reduces Carbon Footprint with Azure Infrastructure

SSP Goods is a leading operator of food and beverage outlets for the travel industry (think of the refreshments options at airports and train stations).

Facing challenges with its IT infrastructure, it needed a solution that could provide high availability and flexibility. SSP Group chose to deploy Microsoft's Azure Stack HCI infrastructure solution which allowed it to consolidate its server and storage resources into a single system, reducing complexity and cost.

SSP was also able to take advantage of Azure services like Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery for data protection and disaster recovery.

The Azure Stack HCI solution provided SSP Group with a 50% improvement in performance through increased reliability and scalability. It also allowed the company to simplify their IT management and reduce their operational costs. Overall, the solution helped them better serve their customers by ensuring their systems were always up and running.

In a further benefit, the new infrastructure provided SSP with a year on year saving of more than 100,000 kilowatt hours, resulting in lower emissions and an improved carbon footprint, which in turn have provided significant cost savings.

3. OpenWrks Benefits From Azure’s Security and Reliability to Meet Rising Product Demand

OpenWrks, a UK-based fintech company that provides financial management tools to businesses and consumers. The company needed a reliable and secure cloud platform to scale its services to more customers in what is a heavily regulated industry.

OpenWrks chose to work with Microsoft Azure to provide its customers with secure and reliable financial services. Azure provided the organisation with a range of services such as Azure App Service, Azure Active Directory, and Azure SQL Database, which helped OpenWrks improve its application performance, data security, and scalability.

With the help of Azure, OpenWrks was able to quickly deploy and scale its services, while also ensuring data privacy and compliance with regulations. Azure also helped the business reduce its operational costs and improve its service reliability, resulting in better customer satisfaction.

With lofty ambitions to help 10 million consumers over the next three years, the robust infrastructure provided by Azure means that OpenWrks can continue to scale and grow without worrying about a reduction in performance.

Let’s Start Your Azure Success Story

The Azure examples and case studies in this post are just a handful of the many ways in which the cloud platform can be harnessed to not only support business operations, but to transform them for the better.

One of the great advantages of Azure is that it’s suitable for businesses of any size, from any industry. So all of the achievements above are attainable by businesses just like yours.

If you’re ready to take your IT infrastructure to the cloud with Azure - and steal a march on your competitors in the process - get in touch with our Microsoft experts who will be delighted to help you plan a roadmap to success.