The PC Support Group partner with like-minded venture LCR Connect


At The PC Support Group, we’re dedicated to helping businesses and charitable organisations maximise their use of technology. So it made sense for us to partner with LCR Connect as they transform the digital infrastructure of the Liverpool City Region.

Positioning Liverpool to lead the way in a host of growing sectors, LCR Connect is better equipping businesses, investors, universities, schools, hospitals, residents and students across the six local authorities with a gateway to next-generation future-proofed and cloud-enabled technologies.

Talking about the project, our very own CEO, Phil Bird, had this to say:

“LCR Connect is key to boosting the Liverpool City Region’s economy, enabling businesses to make huge savings and efficiency gains through digital transformation, taking advantage of the latest technologies and cloud-based systems. Without the availability of fast internet connections, businesses simply can’t compete in our fast-changing, digitally connected world.”

LCR Connect is a £30m joint venture delivering a 212km full-fibre, ultrafast, gigabit-capable network infrastructure across the Liverpool region. 

The project is half-owned by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, in partnership with North West-based ITS Technology Group and construction partner NGE.

​​Experts estimate that with 100% full-fibre coverage across the City Region, building on this network, the economic boost could be worth up to £1bn.

Connecting all six boroughs within the region, the network will link key digital assets including Data Centres, BT exchanges, and landing stations for continental and intercontinental connections.

Though ultrafast fibre, LCR Connect aims to provide:

  • Rapid delivery to customers to get them connected
  • Cost-effective solutions compared to current alternatives
  • Leading the edge with the latest technology
  • A link for business, commerce and citizens to data centres and the cloud
  • Connection to a fast, secure and reliable network

You can read the full interview with Phil here.

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