Managed Antivirus Solutions

Defend your business and customers from harmful viruses and malware with robust managed antivirus software.


Centralised Antivirus
Management for Businesses

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If your antivirus software isn’t being managed your business could be at risk. Take proactive steps to protect your data, employees and assets with a centralised antivirus solution.


24/7/365 remote monitoring of your systems means we’re able to quickly identify and eliminate threats before they cause a problem.


Antivirus software is a key element to protect against cyber crime, providing a solid line of defence against unwelcome viruses and malware.


We ensure your antivirus software is always up-to-date and working correctly to protect your business, all day, every day.

Our Antivirus Management Solutions


Regular automatic updates

System-wide updates of virus definitions happen automatically and routinely

Virus scanning
Scheduled virus scanning and malware detection 
Remote management
Remote management means you can promptly check and deal with any alerts

Can help with meeting the requirements of cyber security accreditation

Central management

Entrusting your anti-virus management to a single source means that every device in your system is properly maintained


Robust and consistent security

We regularly scan your system and apply patches and updates behind the scenes

Reduce downtime

Our rapid response ensures that we address and remove threats quickly

Cost savings

Our clients benefit from our central volume purchasing agreements

Improved management control

Your employees cannot turn off or uninstall a managed anti-virus solution

Claire calman
My colleague and I had a really good session with PCSG looking at security - what I really think is great about your approach is that you teach us what we're in need of so we can work through the concerns and queries, have a go ourselves and then build on our knowledge, with support as we need it - absolutely amazing session, couldn't have gone better, so pleased, thank you... you have our brains purring with ideas!
Claire Calman, Business & people Manager, Starts with you

Protect, React, Recover: A Guide to Cyber Resilience for SMEs

A robust antivirus instance is an essential part of your business’ cyber security strategy. To help better protect your organisation from malicious threats, improve your defences and be prepared for an attack, download our free ebook, Protect, React, Recover: A Guide to Cyber Resilience for SMEs.

Within this comprehensive guide, you’ll find a range of information to help you understand the world of cyber security and how it impacts your business.

Defend Your Business With Proactive Antivirus Support

Need to bolster your cyber defences with a managed antivirus and malware solution? Get in touch today and set up a free, no-obligation discovery call with our cyber security experts to learn more about managed antivirus and how we can help keep your business secure.

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