Our Journey With Rumworth School and Team England Special Abilities Unified Pom World Champions

Rumworth & England Team at the World Pom Champtionships in Florida 2024.

We are incredibly honoured to share our small part in the remarkable journey of Team England Special Abilities Unified Pom (TESAUP), whose recent triumph at the 2024 ICU World Championships in Florida is a testament to the power of teamwork and inclusivity.

The team are England’s first Special Abilities Unified Pom Team, including 11 cheerleaders with special educational needs and disabilities, who took part in the International Cheerleading Union World Cheerleading Championships 2024, along with more than 11,000 others from 21 different countries.

Our journey with the team began through our valued client, Rumworth School in Bolton, who provide learning provision for children (aged 11-19) with a range of learning difficulties and additional needs. Five of Rumworth's students—Alexa, Maddie, Isla, Emily, and Tegan—stood proudly as members of the team, showcasing their talent and determination.

We’ve been providing IT and telecoms services to the school for a number of years and have a great relationship with the Senior and wider Leadership Teams.

Rumworth T-shirts front copy-1

L-R: Gina Stafford (Senior Teacher & TEASUP Manager), Alexa, Isla, Jenny Dunne (Headteacher), Tegan, Maddie, Emily and Vicky Atherton (Transition & Safeguarding Lead)

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When we were presented with the opportunity to sponsor the t-shirts of Team England Special Abilities Unified Pom, we knew it was an opportunity to be a part of something extraordinary. The team, comprised of both disabled and non-disabled athletes, proves that diversity is not a barrier but a source of strength; in fact, their motto is “barrier breakers; history makers”!

Behind every successful team are the unsung heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make it all possible. Gina Stafford (Rumworth Senior Teacher & TESAUP Manager) and Vicky Atherton (Rumworth Year 14 & Transition Lead and TESAUP Safeguarding Lead) played instrumental roles in guiding the team towards victory, ensuring their safety, and providing the encouragement needed to overcome every challenge.

Team T-shirts front

Gina Stafford teaches the team of 11 cheerleaders with special educational needs and disabilities at The Power House in Swinton. She said of the team’s achievement: “It’s just an incredible achievement for the girls, they’ve worked so hard for it. A lot of the narrative about a young person growing up with a disability is about what they’ll never be able to do or what they can’t do, rather than what they can do.”

At The PC Support Group, we are committed to more than just providing IT solutions—we are true partners; it’s not the first time we’ve supported Rumworth School with sponsorship for their amazing students. Our sponsorship of Team England Special Abilities Unified Pom's journey is a testament to our shared values.

As one of several sponsors, we’re delighted to have made a difference. Gina went on to say, “The sponsorship from PC Support Group was absolutely instrumental in ensuring we had funds towards buying the best kit for our athletes. All athletes looked professional and absolutely felt the part, which in turn helped towards our gold medal. We’d like to say a huge thank you to The PC Support Group for their generous donation, it really did help to make dreams come true!”

Winning Team in Florida

As the team celebrates this momentous triumph, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Team England Special Abilities Unified Pom, Rumworth School, and all those who played a part in this remarkable journey. Here's to many more victories, both on and off the field.