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The latest Netwrix IT Trends report has been published which outlines the top IT priorities for organisations in 2020; in which over 1000 IT professionals took part.

“74% of organisations name data security as the dominant priority for 2020.”

Given the rising number of breaches and the shortage of cybersecurity experts, it is no surprise that data security was seen as the highest priority.

The top IT priorities highlighted in the global survey included:

  • Maintaining data security                                                             74%
  • Automating manual tasks                                                             70%
  • Digital transformations                                                 57%
  • Cloud migrations                                                             52%
  • Increasing cybersecurity awareness among employees             39%
  • Adhering to compliance standards                         39%
  • Integrate existing solutions                         35%
  • Educate/train IT staff                         30%
  • Employ additional IT talent                         22%

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